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Powerflushing Portsmouth

Why do you need a Powerflush?

Over a period of time sludge and scale builds up in your heating system reducing its efficiency and increasing you heating bills. Powerflushing returns you system efficiency offering up to 25% saving on heating bills.

How do I know if my system is sludged up?

Is your heating system slow to heat up
Do your radiators keep going cold
Are the pipes or boiler noisy
Are the radiators cold at the bottom
Does the boiler keep cutting out
Do the radiators keep needing to be bled
All of these are symptom of a sludged up system which may need Powreflushing. Manor Plumbing and Heating can Powerflush your system for as little as £250.

What is Powerflushing?

Powerflushing is a process where a pump is connected to your heating system the turbulent flow created by the pump dislodges and removes sludge and scale that can be in the heating pipes, radiators and boiler.

Using the latest technology in Powerflushing equipment, our skilled operatives can Powerflush all domestic systems. They can individually target the problem areas on your system to give you the maximum benefit from the flushing.

What to know more? Give us a call to discuss any problems you have with your heating system on 02392 005114 or 07790 201515.

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